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Well-Informed Journalists vs. "Mediots"


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i know most of you do listen to what reporters in newspapers, t.v., and the internet have to say. even if some of them do sound like they're dumber than a turkey drowning in the rain. so i'm making a list of the more well-known journalists in the industry and categorizing them under well-informed or "mediots". remember, these are MY opinions and none of them are bias to what sports team each individual likes.


Kevin Blackistone

From what I see and read from Kevin., he has a good, strong, well-informed opinion on each subject and usually I agree with him.

J.A. Adande

From what I see and read from J.A., he has a good, strong, well-informed opinion on each subject and usually I agree with him.

Tony Kornheiser

Tony is bias to the local teams, but he usually puts that aside and has good points in his arguments in the post and with Wilbon.

Jim Rome

very controversial, but i like it. he's not afraid to say what's on his mind and usually I agree with him. he doesn't care to step around touchy subjects. instead he strongly says what he thinks, which i respect

In the Middle

Woody Paige

most consider him a joke, and i agree he's a comedian at times. but when he takes things seriously he makes very good points that most people don't mention.

Michael Wilbon

some of his opinions are so biased it's almost unbearable. but he does at times make good 'younger' opinions to kornheisers 1960's decisions.


Jay Mariotti -egomaniac that needs to stick to covering the chicago bears.

Len Pasqarelli - wow.

Bob Ryan - another big-headed guy that's sort-of weird, not in a funny way.

Jim Armstrong - just not informative enough.

Rod Woodson AND Lincoln Kennedy (together because they are butt buddies)

Peter King - again, wow.

Sally Jenkins - how did she get a job as a reporter? she's as informative as the mole on my scrotum.

Tony Reali - lol, had to put him in there because he thinks he's the brain trust of SOME of the best reporters in the nation.

p.s. these are the only ones that came to my head... if there are more, please mention them so i can put them in there categories.

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Kornheiser has a great personality but he only comments on the big stories and admittedly really doesn’t follow sports extensively. That’s why he lost his radio show on ESPN because he couldn’t talk about sports without delving constantly into music and entertainment. I LOVE PTI, but I take Kornheiser for what he is, a great media personality with strong opinions on mainstream subjects, not someone I get excited over his opinion or cutting edge news.

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I have a list of MED-iots. Dan Pompei, Clark Judge, Pasquerilli, Prisco, Nunyo, Dr. Z, Shefter, Jay Glazer, Peter King, P. Kirwan, Brian Baldinger, Dan Hampton, Dan Arkush, C. Mortenson, Sal Pal, Sally Jenkins, etc. Most have an anti-Skins/Snyder spin.

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