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i want $100,000 for posting here LOL!!! J/K


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Makes sense to me...

Spend time with the family/enjoy retirement/life away from football vs. be bothered for a week for autographs and such promoting an event that has no importance to me...

Uh you better make it worth my while. And $1,000 to cover expenses doesn't cut it for an NFL superstar...

If Joe's time is worth $100,000 to him, then that's what it's worth, what's the story...

Hell Tiger got paid $3,000,000 to show up in Dubai for a tournament that paid $400,000 to the winner...but there's a problem with Joe not showing up for a Super Bowl promotion, boo friggin hoo...

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I think Montana has every right to stay home with his family for the Superbowl and watch his son's basketball game; he had been there pretty much all week doing apperances and pushing products for corporations...I'm sure he was getting paid very nicely. Its kind of sad though that he and Bradshaw are the only two players that feel they should be paid to be HONORED in the Superbowl pregame. I mean if 37 other MVPs can show up, they can too. But this is America, you can do whatever you want...I would have really liked to see those guys though, 2 of the best QBs in Superbowl history if you ask me. I think it was a small thing of Montana and Bradshaw to do, but its a free country...I just don't know how much I really believe that his son's basketball game played that big of a part in his decision...the $100,000 probably had more to do with it.

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I believe this rumour was shot down already... He went to his boys bball game I believe. No big deal. Wasn't about money.

So, do you think that if the NFL offered up a 100 grand, he still would've went to his son's game?

It was about money, that's it.

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