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Best farm team for free agents?


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We have a mixed history of picking up free agents or trades. Free agents from Dallas are almost all terrible. We're batting probably .600 with the Jets. The Raiders had our number for a while, but the Jay Shroeder for Lachey tips the it in our favor. Calvin Mouhamad still stings, btw. Who do you think does the worst job in the NFL of protecting its young talent? If you need to get someone good who does the worst job of keeping their own?

Sadly, I would put the Redskins on this list. For whatever reason, we have given away or lost too many good players in recent years: Stephen Davis, Brad Johnson, Bailey, Pierce, Kalu, etc. They left for different reasons- some were not wanted, others chased the dollars, some developed bad blood, and still others got sick of the coaching carosel and losing. Hopefully, this trend reverses and with stability we start keeping our best and grooming youngsters better.

Which teams are best at losing their best year in and year out? Who would be good teams for the Redskins to focus on?

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Pittsburgh has a long history of not paying its players when their rookie contracts are up, and Philly's not that much better. My personal favorite, though, is the Colts, given that we got Mr. Washington from them; given that they are going to have to pay major bucks to Wayne and/or James, hopefully we can steal some more young defensive talent from them this offseason.

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