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The Character of a Team's Fans

PF Chang

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There's usually a general consensus about the fans of a team...example being that:

Eagles fans are typically obnoxious and generally fair-weather.

Cowboys fans are...erhm...not urban.

Steeler fans are die-hard and travel well, but are 'dirty' (see Bill Simmons' quip about 'condiment stains on jerseys' at the SB).

Chiefs fans are loud, but clueless, and scream at the stadium even when they're on offense.

We tend to do a lot of coulda, shoulda, woulda as 'Skins fans.

So why is this? A lot of people are born into being fans of a particular team, so that hurts an argument that people will integrate to being a fan of a team based on personality...it's not like all obnoxious people are Eagles fans, so why are all Eagles fans obnoxious people? Interesting to consider.

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