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Something else I just picked up on that P. King said bout Monk


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Just heard his famous quote on comcast yet again tonight and I noticed he said

"Well as i recall Monk didnt make the final cut to 10 last year either."

This may have already been discussed and i dont feel like looking through pages and pages of threads but...

Obviously monk didnt make the 6 that will be inducted but MONK WASNT even in the top 10.

This is just pouring more salt on the wound for me.

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Well comcast did show next years list and who the new canidates will be. They only had like 2 new names up there that would make it that far... I guess the top 10.

They did mention that this year Irvin did make the final 10 but not elected. So I think we all may need to be prepared that Irvin will be in the hall of fame before monk

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According to this, Monk and Grimm made the top 10 last year.


Monk and teammate Russ Grimm were among the 10 finalists for induction, but neither made the final six. The four nominees--Dan Marino, Steve Young, Bennie Friedman and Fritz Pollard--were chosen from the final six.

Also find some compelling counterpoints to certain arguments being presented on the board as of this moment.

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