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Well, the Redskins can thank the Steelers for ONE thing


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Vaughn Parker was a big ole OT who played for the Skins for part of the 2003 season.

He would be pleasantly surprised to hear a coach trusted him to give him a hand off he could take 75 yards for a TD :laugh:

At 320 that is some swagger :D

Hey, with our offensive line, anything's possible.....we made a hero out of a RB named Timmy Smith, didnt we ?

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Where the hell did I get Vaughn Parker from ?!?!

There isnt even a Vaughn Parker listed in the NFL right now !

Was there ONCE a Vaughn Parker ?!?

Maybe from Veron Haynes, which is the Steelers 3rd down back.

I can see that being interpreted as Vaughn when you aren't really actively interested in the team. And then mixing that with another RB's last name.

Maybe that's a stretch.

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When Vaughn Parker broke Marcus Allen's record, we no longer are in the record books for allowing the longest Super Bowl run ;)

I noted that, i liked it :laugh:

Of course, watch, every time that show it they'll show the Allen run too as "the one it beat" just because it's us. :rolleyes:

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Thank God for Willie Parker and the out of position and bad angle taking safeties of the Seahawks. I don't want to see that ****ing Marcus Allen clip again as long as I live.

I remember when the '85 Bears won big it took the Skins off another list. :whew:

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Also, by holding on for the win, they preserved our record for biggest comeback, 10 points-SB XXII, in a Super Bowl.

Got a little worried after Ben's horrible goal line int.

Yeah...I saw that...and the announcer misstated the score, too, when referring to SB XXII...he said that the Redksins led 34-10 at halftime...ooops!!!


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