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Redskins Memorabilia Auction for Charity


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Hey Everybody,

I am helping fellow Extremeskins brethran RavensSuck (Mike) with an auction to help raise money for his family. A lot of you may not know Mike by his Extremeskins name because he doesn't post much, but Mike's younger brother Danny was involved in a tragic accident some time ago and has been in a coma ever since.

The auction is to help out Mike and his parents, who have been overwelmed with an enormous amount of expenses for Danny's care.

If you'd like to read more about Danny, they have a web page www.DannyVacin.com and there's also a photo gallery to see some pictures of Danny and his family.

This is a great opportunity to help Mike and his family out while maybe getting ahold of some cool stuff for yourself.

All of the items being auctioned are located here on his message board.

You have to register at the top to bid, which takes about 3 seconds, and of course is free.

You may pay for the items you win either with PayPal to donate@DannyVacin.com or PM me to mail a money order.

If you just want to send a donation you can do so there too.

The auctions will go through next Sunday February 12.

Most of these items were donated by the people of the respective items autographed, and some were purchased and donated for this auction, so 100% of the proceeds go to the Vacin family.

I would like to especially Thank Huly for her help in this, as well as Blondie, and of course the Extremeskins staff for allowing us to advertise this here.

The Auctions are here.


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If you get a chance, check out my brother's site, Dannyvacin.com. The site was created by Jimster about a year ago. Jim heard of my family's situation and decided to create the site. Such thoughful acts like this mean so much to me and my family. My brother Danny was in a horrible accident in Laplata Md on Nov 15, 2003. He has been in a coma ever since. He actually turms 21 years old tomorrow. We are having a party for him at the nursing home in LaPlata tomorrow. It has really been a long 2 1/2 years since the accident. He has been through so many different surgeries and has been in and out of many different hospitals. He is now at a nursing home. He will be sent back to a rehab hospital if he shows signs of coming out of the coma. Finances have been tough on my parents but they are getting through it. We are working to get a new wheelchair for Danny since the state is not covering it. Danny has always been a big skins fan. His room is decked out in skins gear. He has a Sean Taylor game ball from last year, many signed player and cheerleader pics. The redskins organization sent out a little care package. It meant so much to our family. Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers!!


I have a 2004 team signed ball. I want to put this up on the auction. It has many players and coaches including Portis, Gibbs, G Williams, M Washington, R Thomas and many others. The complete ball is covered. My friend got it when he stayed at the redskins Hotel in Dallas in 2004. Let me know what I need to do to add it to the auction.

Thanks to all!!!

Mike Vacin

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I will keep Danny in my prayers. Best wishes for you Ravenzsuck and your family.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!! This really means so much to my family. WE celebrated Danny's birthday today. It was a great time. I took some pictures. I will post them later so you can see updated pics of Danny.

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Thanks again to everyone for this, especially Jimster!!! I can not even put into words how much this means to my family. If anyone has gone through a similar situation, you could relate to this. As time goes by, fewer and fewer visitors see Danny. Mainly, it is family that comes to see him. Every now and them, a high school friend stops by.

There was a good article in Last Friday's 02/03/06 Maryland Independent (Regional newspaper which mainly covers Charles County). It was about my brother and what my family is going through. Unfortutely, the newspaper is not online, so I can't send you a link. Westlake High school in St Charles is also putting together a documentary on Danny. It will maily be an educational piece to help other families dealing w. brain injuries!!!

Thanks again to everyone!!!


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