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Glazer says Skins interested in Jet's Abraham


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On FOX Sports TV today, Jay Glazer said the Redskins are interested in obtaining the Jet's DE John Abraham. He did not go into details, but he did make this statement.

"The guy the Redskins are going to go after is...the Jet's John Abraham"

It looks like they removed the video clip, however it was on this FOX webpage...


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You read it here first. :)

Nov. 9: Louis Riddick

From Extremeskins Staff

Dwight Freeney or John Abraham? Which guy are we getting at the end of the year?

Louis Riddick

(laughs) Well, I’ll tell you what, we’d love to have either one of them. Those guys can both rush the passer like crazy! Have you ever seen speed like Dwight Freeneys? It’s unbelievable. You don’t find too many D-ends who run a 4.38 forty. Both those guys would be a tremendous asset to any team. But whether or not we’ll get either one of them, who knows? You’ll have to stay tuned.
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Do people realize that these guys just can say whatever they want if they word it right and ther's no "football police"?

Sorry, I'm getting too cynical :laugh:

That would be cool! :D

Oh yeah. For the most part we all do. But it's the offseason and man we armchair GM's love stuff like this.


It would be cool though. :D

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just a question, but who is Louis Riddick? One of the d-coaches? Or does he work with roster management?

Director of Pro Personnel.

For more info, see the linked chat & page 31(print version) of the current Media Guide.

Page 21 in this pdf file.

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