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WP: Dan Synder is after Tony Kornheiser


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Wow looks like it is good to be in Satchmo's shoes right now :cheers: I do hope he gets the MNF job though. TK on FM radio though would be nice. I do think the WP should still let him write even if working for Dan.


All of a sudden, the hottest, most sought-after franchise player in the sports world may be a guy who describes himself as "fat, bald and old."

Tony Kornheiser, the Washington Post columnist and ESPN yakker, has become the object of a bidding war among media companies, with deals worth millions of dollars -- and the lineups of newspapers, TV and radio stations -- hanging in the balance.

The list of Kornheiser's suitors includes ESPN, XM and Sirius radio, Bonneville International Corp., The Washington Post and Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who wants Kornheiser as a host for his newly purchased string of radio stations.

Kornheiser, suddenly the prettiest girl at the prom, says he's unsure whom he'll dance with next. "It's causing me a lot of anxiety," he said yesterday. "There aren't enough stomach pills in America to calm me. Does Pepto-Bismol make industrial-strength tablets?"

He calls the attention "incredibly flattering" and "an embarrassment of riches."...

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This isnt the same article bubba. It seems to give more info. (unless this link is in there later, but I wouldnt have seen this otherwise)

Anyway, its cool to see TK with all these offers. Ive always been a fan of his. I would like to see him on the Redskins station.

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