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Top 10 Weirdest USB Devices


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Top 10 Weirdest USB Devices Ever

After I had published a list of the Top 10 weirdest USB drives ever, it was quite a natural step to start collecting weird USB devices - and trust me there’s LOTS of them out there. Or what do you say about the USB fragrance oil burner or the USB Microscope - they didn’t make it on the final list but you get my point. Here’s the list of the Top 10 weirdest USB devices ever:

10. George Foreman USB iGrill


Did you know that the former boxer and twice Heavyweight Champion of the world George Foreman were into USB devices? Well, neither did we. But for $99.99 you can get your own USB powered grill standing next to your computer. For whom is this product meant to be? The boxing interested chef who also is a computer geek? I mean why make an item like this USB powered? To get some extra press by appearing on lists like this one? You tell me. Weird is the word. Update - This item is apparently just an april fools joke, so that means that our runner up for the list, placement 11, will be added later today.

George Foreman USB iGrill [Thinkgeek.com]

9. USB Air darts


This product was on and off the list a couple of times, but I finally decided to let it be within the final 10. This is actually a quite cool product, and the basic idea is that you aim the darts with your mouse and fire them off with the mouse button. They are currently sold out at Marks & Spencer though…

USB air darts [Engadget]

8. The USB ghost radar

I wish I could have been in that brainstorming meeting where the idea of producing an USB ghost radar came up. Ok - someone can always come up with a really crazy idea - but it’s not that often when a quite unusual idea like the USB ghost radar actually hits the production line…I mean, is it often you want to scan the area around your computer for paranormal activity? Hehe.

USB Ghost radar [Dynamism.com]

7. USB heated slippers


Do you have cold feet? Do you want to tie yourself up to your laptop with a 2 metre long USB cable? Then this is the perfect product for you. USB heated slippers. Can you say awesome?

USB heated slippers [Thanko.jp] - Japanese

USB slippers [Akihabaranews.com]

6. USB massage ball


- Ey, cool mouse you got, is it any good?

- It’s not a mouse stupid, it’s my massage ball!.

Ouch, perfect soothe your tense muscles with this really usable massage ball. Good vibrations.

USB Massager Ball [usb.brando.com.hk]

5. USB self destruction button


Why on earth would you want a USB powered self destruction button? You can read that it can be used to block access to certain applications. Ok. That’s really neat. This one is so weird that I don’t even know how it’s supposed to be used. Definitely wort a place on this list.

4. USB Flower pot speaker


Take a look at this nice little flower. Wouldn’t it be funny to have one of those plugged into your computer? It’s actually a speaker, and it comes from the same manufacturer as the USB heating gloves and the heated slippers…The guys over at Thanko.jp sure has an eye for usable USB devices. Hehe. It’s so totally crazy that it becomes awesome.

Flower pot speaker [Thanko.jp] - Japanese

Thanko USB Flower Pot Speaker [i4U]

3. USB heating gloves


Do you often feel the need to heat up your hands while sitting in front of your computer? Wow. This is a VERY useful product. Hehe. Especially since the USB cable is 1.5 metres long. I guess there can be a lot of Kodak golden moments when people forget they are wearing their ‘heating gloves’ and gets up in a hurry to answer the phone or open the door - and crashing their laptop to the ground. Don’t forget to wear these gloves together with the heated slippers…

USB Heating Gloves [uSBGeek.com]

2. The eye massager


Ok, let’s read that again, but take a look at the picture to the right first. Eye massager. Is that red hand supposed to be an eye massager? I mean, doesn’t it look like something that might get you blind? I don’t want this one anywhere near my eyes. Phew. “Hey dude, come over here - I’m gonna massage your eyes with THIS!”

USB Eye Massager [Engadget]

1. The USB vibrator


This isn’t just a USB vibrator. This one includes 5 interchangable latex probes (wow!), has 10 unique preset pulse/vibrate rhythms (yihah!), and features a self adjustable finger ring vibrating bullet (amazing!). Here’s our winner ladies and gentlemen - the Super 10 function USB powered vibrator. Crazy ****.

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I almost bought a co-worker a USB lava lamp for Secret Santa over Xmas.

That George Foreman grill could be really cool though. Put aside the fact that you would have a hot and greasy grill near your PC, check out the description:


Download recipes, enter in the type of food, weight and desired degree of doneness, and the iGrill handles the rest. Did you know that a medium rare 1/4 lb. hamburger made from 80% lean beef takes 1 minute and 45 seconds less cook time than an identical patty made from 95% lean prime Black Angus? The iGrill does. As your meal cooks, the subtle glow from under the unit increases brightness and pulses faster until your meal is perfectly done.

Running late at work? Need to get dinner on the table? It is easy to warm up the iGrill from any internet connection. With a little advance planning, your meal can be ready when you get home!

Using the USB current to directly charge high voltage capacitors, the iGrill does not require any additional power supply, making it perfect for dorm or office cooking.

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