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Kama Sutra worm


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ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- "There are a lot of people who are going to be very unhappy on the third of February," said Professor Merrick Furst from the Georgia Tech College of Computing.

That's when the Kama Sutra computer worm will begin destroying critical files on infected computers. And hundreds of thousands of machines may have the worm lurking within their Windows operating system, ready to be unleashed on February 3 and the third of every month thereafter.

Experts say Windows Office documents, Word documents, Excel spread sheets, and PDFs (portable document format) are among the files that will be "overwritten." That means the data will be changed and corrupted, and the original information will no longer be accessible.


get the fix here windows users

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If you have four things you should be ok.

  1. Current anti-virus definitions.
  2. Latest Windows Patches and/or service packs.
  3. No computers with blank administrator passwords.
  4. Don't open ZIP attachments from unknown people.

Basically make sure your computer up to date.

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