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I notice some people post threads that state the information comes from ESPN Insider when actually it is just typical articles from ESPN. Mind you, ESPN Insider is a premium service.

10. When posting anything concerning news articles from outside sources, please include a direct link (i.e., URL) to the origination page/site.

Please paste the URL directly atop the post, above a small portion of the article's text (for example, the lead paragraph or a particular sentence or two) . Such a practice provides credibility and attribution to the source of the information, and allows visitors the option to visit the respective websites. You are responsible for the content you post. If you are posting a published article from a news source, please title your thread in the following format: "SOURCE SHORTFORM: HEADLINE" (Ex. WP: Redskins Sign CB Shawn Springs). Please see our copyright statement.

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LaVar Arrington

Redskins Arrington might stay

<Jan. 19> The Redskins face a difficult decision regarding Arrington. According to the Washington Post, Arrington is amenable to altering his contract to remain in Washington despite two seasons in which he clashed with the team over treatment of his injuries, his contract and his playing time.

The Redskins, like many teams, are over the projected 2006 salary cap and face a $12 million salary cap hit if Arrington is traded or released.

Arrington has a base salary of $545,000, and is due a $6.5 million roster bonus by July 15. Should the Redskins elect to keep Arrington, there are provisions in his contract that would allow them to alter the deal and prorate the $6.5 million bonus over four years.

Washington would have difficulty getting more than a mid-round pick for Arrington.

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Not to mention you posted an actual Insider artice from ESPN. Meaning you'll probably end up banned for a LONG time if not for good, because last time I checked, the guys that run these boards aren't much for lawsuits or being shutdown by the likes of ESPN, etc...for copyright infringement.

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I laughed my ass off reading this:

"Pennington, coming off a second surgery to repair his throwing shoulder, is entering the third year of an eight-year, $64 million contract and has a cap number of $15 million in '06."

Hey Jet fans, enjoy that $15MM cap hit for your ineffective QB with a bum shoulder! Not to mention your rookie coaching staff implementing a new system. :laugh:

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Chad Pennington

Jets Pennington still the franchise?

<Jan. 3> Chad Pennington is confident he'll be the Jets' starting quarterback in 2006. The Jets are hopeful but aren't pinning their hopes on Pennington regaining his old form.

"We want Chad to be the quarterback, but Chad knows he's going to be competing," Jets coach Herman Edwards told the N.Y. Daily News. "Obviously, we're going to bring in another quarterback. That's not a secret. Who he is, I don't know."

Kerry Collins and Patrick Ramsey have been mentioned as possibilites. Whomever the Jets bring in must come relatively cheap. Pennington, coming off a second surgery to repair his throwing shoulder, is entering the third year of an eight-year, $64 million contract and has a cap number of $15 million in '06.

Friday, December 30


John Abraham

Jets Abraham too expensive for Jets?

<Dec. 30> The Jets face a difficult dilemma with Abraham. If they use the franchise tag on him again, taking up substantial cap space, it would cripple the team's chances of being active in free agency, the New York Daily News reports. Plus, the franchise tag could be costlier than first anticipated.

The franchise tender for a defensive end could rise to at least $8.6 million in 2006, according to an NFL source. The amount is determined by the average salary of the five highest-paid players at the position.

It's widely believed that the Jets will try to lock up DE John Abraham to a cap-friendly, long-term deal. Failing that, they could trade him.

As Monty Hall would say --- "LET'S MAKE A DEAL!"

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