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POSTED 7:23 p.m. EST, February 1, 2006

T.O. TO D.C.?

Feel free to check our archives -- it's in there. Several months ago, we predicted that Eagles receiver Terrell Owens ultimately would land with the Redskins.

Now, Peter King will report on Wednesday night (as reported by Adam Schefter) that

the 'Skins are the favorites to acquire Owens.

Both on-the-record and off-the-record, Redskins personnel have long denied any interest in Owens. But that only has made us more convinced that the 'Skins are and have been in play for the Pro Bowler.

And although there never will be any firm proof of tampering (see Milloy, Lawyer), we believe that the seeds for the ultimate transaction were planted not long after Drew Rosenhaus became Owens' new agent. Rosenhaus represents several key Redskins players (Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Sean Taylor), and he has a great relationship with the organization. How far-fetched is it to conclude that Rosenhaus and owner Dan Snyder (or someone acting on Snyder's behalf) had a conversation that (wink, nod) never really happened regarding the terms that the 'Skins hypothetically would be willing to offer to a high-end pass-catcher in 2006?

Think about it -- which team benefited the most from the fact that T.O. went turdy and ruined the Eagles' season in 2005? But for the Philly implosion (which very well might have happened anyway due to quarterback Donovan McNabb's sports hernia), the Redskins would not have made it to the playoffs.

Now, the 'Skins can push themselves over the top in the division and the conference by adding a bona fide playmaker in Owens.

The only glitch, in our view, is that the emerging market for T.O.'s services could enable the Eagles to trade him. So would Philly do a deal with a division rival?

Of course, Owens can essentially block any trade by refusing to agree to terms of compensation that would permit the Eagles to sign him to a new deal and then trade him. If Owens already has his sights set on D.C., he merely needs to refuse to agree to a contract that would enable the Eagles to ship him elsewhere.

And although the growing interest in Owens might prompt a team like the Broncos eventually to swing a trade with the Eagles under the terms of his current contract, which require $7.5 million in cash payments by March 15, no team is going to absorb such an obligation unless T.O. is willing to go happily.

In that regard, keep this in mind -- Rosenhaus doesn't earn a nickel from his representation of Owens until his existing deal is replaced with a new contract.

Not long ago, it looked like the market for Owens might be on the light side. Now, it looks like T.O. will find a new home -- and that he could replace much of the money that he would have made under the contract with the Eagles that he deemed insufficient.

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im so excited i want him here so bad i know he will change his ways because he is getting what he wants, money and to play against the iggles..........it looks like we have a good shot because whats the one thing that he didnt have in philly that he could have here..............FRIENDS..........Moss Portis and Taylor were all at his b-day party and two of them are also have Drew as their agent.........think about it people who like him and money he wants...........PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET HIM COME HERE!

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11. Please do not use the “Quote” feature to quote huge blocks of text or pictures.

If you would like to respond to the contents of a particular post, simply quote the sentence or idea that you're commenting upon, not necessarily the entire post. It wastes space on the database and unnecessarily extends and clutters threads.

How ape**** do you think Dallas fans would go if TO came here? :laugh:

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