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Best Nick Drake album?


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ok music buffs.

for those who like introspective, thinking-man, literary musical "poet" types (a la the Bob Dylan mold, but without the raspy voice)....what is your preference?...

i'm partial to Bryter Lyter...Northern Sky and HJII in particular...though i guess most people are familiar with Pink Moon.

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I like Bryter Layter better than Pink Moon too. Poor Boy is my jawn.

Poor Boy is a real oddity for Drake. It's very jazzy/bluesy, but highly accomplished in terms of musicianship and poignant, self-mocking lyricism. He had one other real blues-like number, a cover of "Been smoking too long" on the Time of No Reply album...one of the best blues covers i've heard from a non-blues specialist. Think even Clapton and Fleetwood Mac would have to tip their caps on that one.

speaking of oddities, i always thought "Hazy Jane II" was what Chicago would've sounded like if they had Nick Drake for a singer/songwriter... :laugh:

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Indeed poor boy is an oddity. Some people have joked that I have a history of choosing an artists least representative work as my favorite.

do you like Blur's "Song 2" or "Crazy Beat"?

great songs, but VERY unrepresentative of Blur's overall sound.

Though come to think of it, it's hard to pinpoint Blur's sound into one category...they're really quite diverse...started off a goofy brit-pop, then battled with Oasis, then became more avant garde, and now they sound more like Radiohead or Flaming Lips.

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