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Britney Spears- to play a Christian Conservative on Will and Grace.


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>>>Britney Spears to guest star on 'Will & Grace'

NEW YORK (AP) — Britney Spears will guest star on an episode of Will & Grace, NBC announced Tuesday.

Britney Spears, seen here in Dec. 2004, will appear on Will & Grace as a Christian conservative sidekick to Sean Hayes' character, Jack.

By Joe Cavaretta, AP file

The pop star will appear as a Christian conservative sidekick to Sean Hayes' character, Jack, who hosts his own talk show, on the April 13 episode, the network said.

Jack's fictional network, Out TV, is bought by a Christian TV network, leading to Spears contributing a cooking segment called Cruci-fixin's.

As a young girl, the 24-year-old Spears was a regular on The Mickey Mouse Club. After becoming a pop singer, she starred in the critically panned 2002 film Crossroads.

Last September, Spears gave birth to her first child, son Sean Preston, with husband Kevin Federline.

Will & Grace, which also stars Eric McCormack, Debra Messing and Megan Mullally, is in its eighth and final season. It airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. (ET). <<

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I only posted it for the fact the slut: Britney spears is playing a christian conservative.

there are plenty christian conservative sluts out there, that are way better actresses than Britney will be - they just do it at church and into the mirror

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Well, I'll put that on the list of episodes of will and grace not to watch. Granted, there isn't an episode that hasn't made the list. Thanks for the info.

Arrested Development put a conservative Christian charter on their show with Ann and it's hysterical. But then does everyone have to follow suit. What makes Ann funny is the fact that she's a stereotype, but it's underplayed. Really, it's just that George Michael keeps wanting to go do something with his girlfriend and it's always this weird religious thing, and his father's always really wary of it. Which is funny.

I imagine this will go the whole off the wall saved route, because there's nothing the least but subtle about will and grace. Here's my prediction of sample diaglogue.

Will: You Know Britney Spears, I am a gay man.

Britney: I don't think you should make such jokes, we all know that as soon as gay men come out of the closet they immediately fall into the pit of hell. We don't want you to fool God by saying such things.

Will: No I really am gay.

(Britney pulls some matches from her pocket and tries to set Will on fire.)

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