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Roster Tinkering Begins Next Week

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Now that the Skins freed up more cap money by restructuring Bruce Smith's contract, I predict that roster tinkering will begin next week. There are obviously a few marginal players on the Redskins roster, who made the team only because of last-minute injuries, and are not ready for prime-time. So here are my predictions beginning next week.

1. Tight end: Leonard Stephens is cut

He goes to the practice squad. Ricot Joseph is dropped from the practice squad.

TE Rickey Dudley is signed for the minimum as a replacement.

2. Defensive Line: Greg Scott is cut.

He is too undersized now to play regularly, so he is cut and goes to the practice squad. Bernard Jackson is dropped from the practice squad. DT Reggie McGrew [former #1 draft pick and a wide body from Florida] is signed as insurance for Daryl Gardner's back problems. Carl Powell can then double as a DE or DT sub.

3. Lemar Marshall is cut.

His days are numbered as soon as Antonio Pierce recovers from injury in about 3 or 4 weeks. He is replaced by kick returner Darrick Vaugh formerly of Atlanta. Yeah I know he cant play any other position, but he has about 4 kick off returns for TD's. :laugh:

4. One of the backup offensive linemen is cut. Either Alex Sulfsted or David Loverne and replaced by a capable NFL veteran lineman. Im not sure who yet, although I would still like to see Ben Coleman brought back.

So there you have it guys. I tried to confirm these predictions for you with Miss Cleo, but her receptionist said she was unavailable because she was still pigging out on crawfish legs and marshmellows. :laugh: By the way, Miss Cleo said last week to give her regards to OrangePeel. Hmm. Is he married? :rolleyes:

Im sure Bulldog will have something to say about this, after he recovers from his injuries. I understand he got run over last week by a pickup truck, while chasing cars in the neighborhood. For some reason he cant seem to break that nasty habit. :laugh:

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