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Quick glance at our 2003 cap


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One of the first questions that comes to my mind is this:

Should the team be proactive in re-signing Derrius Thompson? He becomes an UFA after this season.

If he posts some numbers this year, he could get very expensive to retain. OTOH, he's a completely unknown quantity at this point.

If he does well in the first four games, I hope Mendes gives his agent a call about extending at favorable terms.

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Excellent job Buddha. :D

I totalled up the players who have salaries listed, and it came to 36 players and $ 40.791 Million. Guys, now do I get partial credit? :laugh: I didn't even have to consult Miss Cleo. :laugh:

Of course some of these players will not be with the team next year and some players will get some raises. But I don't expect the turnover next year in players to be as high as we have had the last two years. Counting the draft choices, maybe 15 new players next year on the team.

The cap next year is supposed to only go up a modest $2.5 Mil to about $73.5 Mil, so it looks like we should be even in better shape cap-wise next year. Especially if we can resolve the Stephen Davis contract headache. Say sign him to a new deal where in 2003 his base salary is reduced to the minumum (like a Marshall Faulk deal), which would reduce our payroll by almost $7M more, and free up more money so that we can make some big free agent signings next year.

That's assuming that there are any big name free agents available next year. :doh: :laugh: So realistically maybe next year we make our Super Bowl run. :rolleyes:

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