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Hey guys!

I've been reading this forum for a long time now but this is the first time i've actually posted anything. I'm a big fan of the skins and I hope I can be a part of this great site for a long time.

Just a little about myself, for you northern VA'ers i'm a junior at Thomas Jefferson High school (though ironically i'm not a big fan of math and chem was my worst subject). Unfortunately for most of you guys though i'm not a hot chick (though if you are a hot chick, i do enjoy moonlit beach walks and campfires :D )

just thought i'd say hi, and hail to the redskins! :helmet:

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Piss off! Just kidding. Welcome aboard. Of course you realize that by posting here you agree to:

a. immediately get a redskin helmet tatooed on your head (don't worry, the hair will cover it during the offseason)

b. at the top of your lungs verbally denounce every other team in the NFC East, preferrably at the beginning of each school day (we have agents in place to confirm that you're doing this)

c.never start a new thread without first consulting your friend, the search button

d.promise never to open a new thread on T.O. joining the team, S.T. legal issues, Ramsey being traded (we reserve the right to expand this list without prior notice)

Glad to have you aboard.


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How's the football team nowadays? I remember when I played we had the newpaper framed in the weight room from the year they went 7-3.

Last year when I played we went 8-3 and made the playoffs for the first time in forever :cool: of course, all the seniors left and this year i think we went .500 (I stopped playing too)

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Little piece of advise change your name from "Chang" to "Wang" its sounds funnier...or at least add Captain,Mr., Super, or something like that in front of "Chang".......ooh...how about Dr. Chang? no Dr. WANG, thats it you will now be Dr. Wang..

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thanks everyone for being so welcoming :)

As for the sports/TJ deal, we actually do win our share of division championships (track, swimming, tennis). Conversely, we also suck at a bunch of other ones :doh:

the girls are great once you lower your expectations :silly:

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