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Cap may extend to 110 million


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Relevant portion:

It's crunch time in labor negotiations

Meetings have begun between representatives of the Players Association and the Management Council and will continue next week with the hope that the framework for an extension of the collective bargaining agreement will be in place by late February.

Technically, an extension would have to be in place by the start of the new league year on March 3 or problems would arise; agents would be faced with making deals for this year's free agents with only a four-year amortization period for bonuses, and some franchises would be forced to all but gut their teams because of salary cap problems, according to league sources on both sides of the issue.

''A number of teams would go into severe cap trouble if there's no extension," said a league source. ''A team like the Colts would have to blow their team up. And for agents, it will be hard to get a true market deal. Not hard. It would be impossible.

''The good news is, the way the system was designed the last year without an extension is very painful for both sides. Hopefully that will promote rational behavior on both sides. As we get closer to D-Day, people start to think more clearly on both sides."

Management has begun to put together some guaranteed cap numbers beginning at $110 million and swelling to $160 million six years later. Twelve years ago, when the salary cap era began, the first cap was around $36 million.

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the 110 would not be for this year. The 110 number would be for the NEW CBA which would not take effect until next year when this current CBA expires

The last year of the current CBA is 2006...they could easily replace that last year with the 110 million dollar figure...it would be part of the bargaining. As long as both sides sign it, they can do whatever they want! ;)

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More evidence that a deal will most likely get done before 3/1.

It would seriously screw with every team, not just the Redskins, if an extension cannot get done by March.

I agree.

You'll notice that there hasn't been any posturing by either side...that means they are seriously negotiating and haven't hit any 'show stoppers.'

I find it ironic that WB breaks the news that most of us already expected...that there wouldn't be any cap problems because of the increase in TV revenues and overall health of the league.

Most of the NFL ownership has finally figured it out...paying more to keep a quality product brings dividends.

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Don't get too excited thinking any of that would benefit any teams. So you immedietly get 50 million more bucks to spend. Guess what? So does everybody else. All it really means is instead of a decent player who makes 1 million a year, he know makes 2 million. Stars who make 5 milliion will now make 10 million.

Sounds alot like baseball to me. I'd be shocked if the owners approved it.

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