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god its been so long I really need to buy Slacker.

The hitchhiker guy was the best in his quotes. I dont remember it verbatum but it was something like "everything a worker makes, is a piece of his own death" and then "I may live badly, but at least I don't have to *work* to do it."


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I sell heroin to small children.

Im also a mortgage loan officer on the side.

I believe its heroin salesman. I stole that line on a guy from the smallest unit show on Howard Stern on demand. Some guys (standing buck naked in front of Howard) said he went to jail, Howard asked him why he said he used to be a Cocaine Salesman :laugh:

Oh yea I do okay, but its never enough. I made 65&% less 7 years ago when I was single and always had more money in the bank and in my wallet, then I got married. Then I had children. Where did it all go????????

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Don't make anywhere near enough. Then again none of us usually do.

I am a Designer for Architectural Signs. At least it sounds good.

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