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Extremeskins Supreme: draft results


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This was an Extremeskins league live draft held this past Sunday. As always the best team's picks are highlighted in red. ;)

Draft Results


Art owns the "Extremeskin dreadnoughts"

Om owns the "Orangeskins 2" although he missed the draft and wasn't able to rank his players.

Blondie owns the "Extremeskinns Supreme"

and Die Hard owns the "Take the red pill neo"

Round 1

Pick Team Player

1 tommythegreeksSpartans Faulk, Marshall (RB STL)

2 Atlanta Skins Warner, Kurt (QB STL)

3 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Moss, Randy (WR MIN)

4 The OrangeSkins2 Alexander, Shaun (RB SEA)

5 OrangeBlue Skins Green, Ahman (RB GB)

6 Codeoramas Killers Manning, Peyton (QB IND)

7 Extremeskins Supreme Garcia, Jeff (QB SF)

8 Burgundy Hobbits Culpepper, Daunte (QB MIN)

9 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad James, Edgerrin (RB IND)

10 Extreme Braveskins Holmes, Priest (RB KC)

11 Take the red pill Neo Favre, Brett (QB GB)

12 The OrangeSkins McNabb, Donovan (QB PHI)

Round 2

Pick Team Player

13 The OrangeSkins Buccaneers (DT TB)

14 Take the red pill Neo Redskins (DT WAS)

15 Extreme Braveskins Gannon, Rich (QB OAK)

16 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad Williams, Ricky (RB MIA)

17 Burgundy Hobbits Tomlinson, LaDainian (RB SD)

18 Extremeskins Supreme Dolphins (DT MIA)

19 Codeoramas Killers George, Eddie (RB TEN)

20 OrangeBlue Skins Griese, Brian (QB DEN)

21 The OrangeSkins2 Owens, Terrell (WR SF)

22 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Brooks, Aaron (QB NO)

23 Atlanta Skins Steelers (DT PIT)

24 tommythegreeksSpartans Bledsoe, Drew (QB BUF)

Round 3

Pick Team Player

25 tommythegreeksSpartans Davis, Stephen (RB WAS)

26 Atlanta Skins Martin, Curtis (RB NYJ)

27 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Boston, David (WR ARI)

28 The OrangeSkins2 Thomas, Anthony (RB CHI)

29 OrangeBlue Skins Rams (DT STL)

30 Codeoramas Killers Shockey, Jeremy (TE NYG)

31 Extremeskins Supreme Dillon, Corey (RB CIN)

32 Burgundy Hobbits Ravens (DT BAL)

33 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad Harrison, Marvin (WR IND)

34 Extreme Braveskins McAllister, Deuce (RB NO)

35 Take the red pill Neo Bruce, Isaac (WR STL)

36 The OrangeSkins Hearst, Garrison (RB SF)

Round 4

Pick Team Player

37 The OrangeSkins Smith, Rod (WR DEN)

38 Take the red pill Neo Holt, Torry (WR STL)

39 Extreme Braveskins Johnson, Keyshawn (WR TB)

40 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad McNair, Steve (QB TEN)

41 Burgundy Hobbits Dunn, Warrick (RB ATL)

42 Extremeskins Supreme Barber, Tiki (RB NYG)

43 Codeoramas Killers Gardner, Rod (WR WAS)

44 OrangeBlue Skins Glenn, Terry (WR GB)

45 The OrangeSkins2 Green, Trent (QB KC)

46 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Gonzalez, Tony (TE KC)

47 Atlanta Skins Horn, Joe (WR NO)

48 tommythegreeksSpartans Moulds, Eric (WR BUF)

Round 5

Pick Team Player

49 tommythegreeksSpartans Moss, Santana (WR NYJ)

50 Atlanta Skins Smith, Jimmy (WR JAC)

51 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Bennett, Michael (RB MIN)

52 The OrangeSkins2 Burress, Plaxico (WR PIT)

53 OrangeBlue Skins Alstott, Mike (RB TB)

54 Codeoramas Killers Doering, Chris (WR WAS)

55 Extremeskins Supreme Brown, Tim (WR OAK)

56 Burgundy Hobbits Jackson, Darrell (WR SEA)

57 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad Taylor, Fred (RB JAC)

58 Extreme Braveskins Stewart, Kordell (QB PIT)

59 Take the red pill Neo Bettis, Jerome (RB PIT)

60 The OrangeSkins Pittman, Michael (RB TB)

Round 6

Pick Team Player

61 The OrangeSkins Johnson, Kevin (WR CLE)

62 Take the red pill Neo Testaverde, Vinny (QB NYJ)

63 Extreme Braveskins Bears (DT CHI)

64 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad Chambers, Chris (WR MIA)

65 Burgundy Hobbits Toomer, Amani (WR NYG)

66 Extremeskins Supreme Muhammad, Muhsin (WR CAR)

67 Codeoramas Killers Patriots (DT NE)

68 OrangeBlue Skins McCardell, Keenan (WR TB)

69 The OrangeSkins2 Franks, Bubba (TE GB)

70 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Packers (DT GB)

71 Atlanta Skins Brady, Tom (QB NE)

72 tommythegreeksSpartans Couch, Tim (QB CLE)

Round 7

Pick Team Player

73 tommythegreeksSpartans Coles, Laveranues (WR NYJ)

74 Atlanta Skins Rice, Jerry (WR OAK)

75 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Smith, Antowain (RB NE)

76 The OrangeSkins2 Price, Peerless (WR BUF)

77 OrangeBlue Skins Pollard, Marcus (TE IND)

78 Codeoramas Killers Staley, Duce (RB PHI)

79 Extremeskins Supreme Wilkins, Jeff (K STL)

80 Burgundy Hobbits Vanderjagt, Mike (K IND)

81 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad Sharpe, Shannon (TE DEN)

82 Extreme Braveskins Green, William (RB CLE)

83 Take the red pill Neo Lewis, Jamal (RB BAL)

84 The OrangeSkins Mare, Olindo (K MIA)

Round 8

Pick Team Player

85 The OrangeSkins Jones, Freddie (TE ARI)

86 Take the red pill Neo Jones, Thomas (RB ARI)

87 Extreme Braveskins Lewis, Chad (TE PHI)

[coclor=red]88 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad Elam, Jason (K DEN) [/color]

89 Burgundy Hobbits Walls, Wesley (TE CAR)

90 Extremeskins Supreme Sloan, David (TE NO)

91 Codeoramas Killers Gramatica, Martin (K TB)

92 OrangeBlue Skins Akers, David (K PHI)

93 The OrangeSkins2 Matthews, Shane (QB WAS)

94 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Vick, Michael (QB ATL)

95 Atlanta Skins Chamberlain, Byron (TE MIN)

96 tommythegreeksSpartans Graham, Daniel (TE NE)

Round 9

Pick Team Player

97 tommythegreeksSpartans Hall, John (K NYJ)

98 Atlanta Skins Smith, Emmitt (RB DAL)

99 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Portis, Clinton (RB DEN)

100 The OrangeSkins2 Henry, Travis (RB BUF)

101 OrangeBlue Skins Brown, Troy (WR NE)

102 Codeoramas Killers Carr, David (QB HOU)

103 Extremeskins Supreme Collins, Kerry (QB NYG)

104 Burgundy Hobbits Williams, Ricky (RB NO)

105 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad Vinatieri, Adam (K NE)

106 Extreme Braveskins Carney, John (K NO)

107 Take the red pill Neo Wycheck, Frank (TE TEN)

108 The OrangeSkins Plummer, Jake (QB ARI)

Round 10

Pick Team Player

109 The OrangeSkins Cowboys (DT DAL)

110 Take the red pill Neo Booker, Marty (WR CHI)

111 Extreme Braveskins Ismail, Qadry (WR IND)

112 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad Brunell, Mark (QB JAC)

113 Burgundy Hobbits Weinke, Chris (QB CAR)

114 Extremeskins Supreme Giants (DT NYG)

115 Codeoramas Killers Eagles (DT PHI)

116 OrangeBlue Skins Smith, Lamar (RB CAR)

117 The OrangeSkins2 Titans (DT TEN)

118 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Longwell, Ryan (K GB)

119 Atlanta Skins Riemersma, Jay (TE BUF)

120 tommythegreeksSpartans Raiders (DT OAK)

Round 11

Pick Team Player

121 tommythegreeksSpartans Stewart, James (RB DET)

122 Atlanta Skins Janikowski, Sebastian (K OAK)

123 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Morton, Johnnie (WR KC)

124 The OrangeSkins2 Edinger, Paul (K CHI)

125 OrangeBlue Skins Heap, Todd (TE BAL)

126 Codeoramas Killers Garner, Charlie (RB OAK)

127 Extremeskins Supreme Wheatley, Tyrone (RB OAK)

128 Burgundy Hobbits Jaguars (DT JAC)

129 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad McCaffrey, Ed (WR DEN)

130 Extreme Braveskins Thrash, James (WR PHI)

131 Take the red pill Neo Stover, Matt (K BAL)

132 The OrangeSkins Mason, Derrick (WR TEN)

Round 12

Pick Team Player

133 The OrangeSkins Allen, James (RB HOU)

134 Take the red pill Neo Becht, Anthony (TE NYJ)

135 Extreme Braveskins Johnson, Eric (TE SF)

136 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad Saints (DT NO)

137 Burgundy Hobbits Jackson, Willie (WR ATL)

138 Extremeskins Supreme Schroeder, Bill (WR DET)

139 Codeoramas Killers Finneran, Brian (WR ATL)

140 OrangeBlue Skins Wuerffel, Danny (QB WAS)

141 The OrangeSkins2 Conwell, Ernie (TE STL)

142 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Bengals (DT CIN)

143 Atlanta Skins Centers, Larry (RB BUF)

144 tommythegreeksSpartans Jets (DT NYJ)

Round 13

Pick Team Player

145 tommythegreeksSpartans Fauria, Christian (TE NE)

146 Atlanta Skins Chiefs (DT KC)

147 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Dilger, Ken (TE TB)

148 The OrangeSkins2 Browns (DT CLE)

149 OrangeBlue Skins Chargers (DT SD)

150 Codeoramas Killers Feely, Jay (K ATL)

151 Extremeskins Supreme Hanson, Jason (K DET)

152 Burgundy Hobbits Peterson, Todd (K PIT)

153 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad Broncos (DT DEN)

154 Extreme Braveskins Bills (DT BUF)

155 Take the red pill Neo Falcons (DT ATL)

156 The OrangeSkins Seder, Tim (K DAL)

Round 14

Pick Team Player

157 The OrangeSkins Dudley, Rickey (TE CLE)

158 Take the red pill Neo Lindell, Rian (K SEA)

159 Extreme Braveskins Cortez, Jose (K SF)

160 BallCoachSpurriers RUTS squad Crumpler, Alge (TE ATL)

161 Burgundy Hobbits Brady, Kyle (TE JAC)

162 Extremeskins Supreme Williams, Boo (TE NO)

163 Codeoramas Killers Alexander, Stephen (TE SD)

164 OrangeBlue Skins Brien, Doug (K MIN)

165 The OrangeSkins2 Hollis, Mike (K BUF)

166 ExtremeSkins Dreadnoughts Conway, Brett (K WAS)

167 Atlanta Skins Andersen, Morten (K KC)

168 tommythegreeksSpartans Nedney, Joe (K TEN)

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Originally posted by Die Hard

I am going to enjoy winning this league more than any other year.

That's funy I was thinking the same thing.

Be prepared for a humiliating loss at the hands of my RUTS squad this week. We tend to "run up the score" on lesser opponents. :laugh:

Some of you are going to have to help Art with his excuses... he's used them all up already. :silly:

Art's either a genius or a madman for selecting Moss at number three overall when so many top tier RBs and QBs were still on the board. Only time will tell I guess.

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All I know is the NFL.com CommGuru has me beating Code with 91 points. ASF has the highest projected point total at 93 in his game. My plan in the draft, before knowing it was serpentine, was to go Moss, Owens with the first two picks and Brooks with the third. But, as it was serpentine, Owens went before me in Round 2 so I went Brooks then and hoped Boston would slip and he did :).

My strategy entering the draft was to have:















I ended up with very close to what I wanted entering the draft. Put Vick, A. Smith, Boston, Longwell and Dilger in for Couch, George, Owens, Akers and Franks and I look awfully smooth :). Well, the plan was smooth. Third pick sucks if the first two do what they should. In fantasy football the goal should be to have "the best" of something. Knowing I couldn't have the best QB or RB I decided to go with receivers. Dangerous madness I know, but the method was there.

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I went for the best balance. :laugh:

The guru has me about 10 points behind you guys but we'll just have to see about that.

I need Deuce McAllister to come up big for and Priest Holmes to have a year at least apporaching his productivity of last year. May be a stretch.

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The first round was pretty straightforward all around, but the second round was bizarre. At least seven picks were "curious".

By the time I picked at the bottom of the second round, I didn't even pick one of my top two candidates (C. Martin or Dillon), because I was going to pick again at the top of the third after two more picks by Tommy. Tommy had already picked Faulk in round one, so I was sure he wouldn't pick both Martin and Dillon with his next two picks. So I picked the Steelers defense and then grabbed Martin in round three.

Martin was a steal in round three, as were Dillon and Boston.

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Looking back at it one of the best picks in the draft was Orangeskins selection of Terrel Owens at 21st overall. He will have a better year than "Lady Moss" of the "I play when I feel like it" fame.

I agree with Atlanta that the second round was truly bizarre-- FOUR DEFENSES TAKING THAT EARL YIKES!!! The third round was a smorgasbourd filledwith players that could have been selected a round earlier.

That guy that selected marvin Harrison at 33 made a great pick too.

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Guys, I just don't think you realize what the intention with Moss is this year in Minnesota. I live here. I almost passed out when I heard Culpepper say that on 90 percent of his pass plays Moss is the receiver he's supposed to throw two. He said that way he is forced to always look to him first and when he's not open he can throw to other guys.

Randy is a lazy jerk and I hate him, but, the Vikings are going to keep him interested in the game by constantly having him as the top option. I won't be surprised, legitimately, with 1,600 yards and 17 TDs this year. Owens WAS going to be my top pick but there was just too much Minnesota conditioning living up here and they are going to get him the ball like never before.

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Originally posted by Atlanta Skins Fan

BCS, I explained my Steelers pick in round two -- it was a "free" pick, since I knew I could get either Martin or Dillon in round three.

I understood your rationale I just disagree with it. I would have taken BOTH Martin AND Dillon were I in your position. By doing so you would have secured two studs at RB which is the most important position in fantasy football.

You would have also put yourself in a perfect position to work a one sided trade later in the season when the teams that passed on a RB for a top defense finally realize where the game is won and lost.

But you picked Ricky Williams over Martin, Dillon and Boston. That's gotta hurt.

Read and learn glasshopper,read and learn...

Lamont Jordan is scheduled to be the goal line/short yardage back for the Jets this year which will hurt Martin's fantasy production but help the team--btw I already picked him up off waivers so it's too late for that. ;)

Boston's the fourth best WR in the game,with a better QB he'd be fighting T.O. for top dog butI'll take a top RB over a top WR. It's just tooeasy tofind a productive WR later in the draft.

Corey Dillon is a fine back but Cincy is determined to prove that they have a passing game this year. Peter Warrick and even "sweet Lil Mikey Westbrook" will get more than their fare share of touches.

A healthy Ricky Williams in a Norv Turner offense will get far more opportunities to carry the ball in critical situations this year than either Martin or Dillon. With Jay Fiedler at QB Norv knows he has to make the running game work or die trying. Ricky Williams may well lead the league in carries this year.

You may disagree but I made the right call and would do so again.

I'll send you six bananas at the end of the season if Williams outpoints those three guys. ;)

I got your big old juicy banana for ya right here professor. :)

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