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Book Review: Marley & Me -- Life and Love With the World's Worst Dog


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This book is a must read for all dog lovers...it had me laughing out loud and all misty-eyed when the story ends like all dog-stories end...:(

The dog is truly a neurotic animal. It struck a particularly familiar chord with me, as I Marley is a lab, and I had a lab growing up. There were some things I read that were very similar to my dog. It made it even funnier for me...but I'm sure anyone who's owned and lost a dog will crack up. Here is an excerpt from the book that I found particularly funny (Marley is experiencing snow for the first time):

I opened the door and before anyone else could step out, Marley blasted past us, knocking the well-bundled Colleen in the process. The instant his paws hit the strange white stuff - Ah wet! Ah cold! - he had second thoughts and attempted an abrupt about-face. As anyone who has ever driven a car in the snow knows, sudden braking coupled with tight U-turns is never a good idea.

Marley went into a full skid, his rear end spinning out in front of him. He dropped down on one flank briefly before bouncing upright again just in time to somersault down the front porch steps and headfirst into a snowdrift. When he popped up a second later, he looked like a giant powdered doughnut.

Anyway, if you've had and lost a dog, you will enjoy this book. Check it out! Huly -- I definitely think you would enjoy this book.


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I saw that the other day. It looks cute.

Here is a funny story about my hound Sadie. At a Ramble (basset Hound fundraiser) a few years ago we had Bill Stanton sign and sell his book "Maggie's Way" (about his basset hound).


Maggie's Way


Bill Stanton has two passions in life: photography and his beloved basset hound, Maggie. Maggie's Way is a lovely combination of these two interests as it merges heartwarming and humorous photographs of Stanton's canine sidekick with befitting quotes and thoughts from famous people, the author, and of course, Maggie herself! Dog lovers and photography buffs everywhere will fall in love with Stanton's arresting portraits of the adorable and charming Maggie, as well as the tender bits of wisdom and insight offered concerning the great adventure known as life. The enchanting photographs include Maggie diving into a lake, taking a bath, resting in a scenic field, eating a bagel, and interacting with other dogs. A funny and thoughtful book that can bring a smile to anyone's face, Maggie's Way is certain to captivate book buyers everywhere.


Well my hound Sadie who is known as the BROOD heathen (they even set her up her own time out pen she is so bad) stole his hotdog. She ran up grabbed it and took off running. Thankfully he understood the basset hound food drive and laughed till he cried. I was mortified! :doh:

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Recently read the book and LOVED it. I have a 14 year old Shi-tsu and I guess the book caught me at the right time. Parts of the book were absolutely hilarious, but what will stay with me was just how sad it was. I had trouble getting through parts of it because I would start to cry uncontrollably.

Anyway, great book.. a must read for emotional dog lovers

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