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AP: Lions:Henderson DC & Martz Targeted as OC


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Mariucci Plans to Take 'a Long Time Off' From Coaching


Jan 29, 11:34 PM (ET) Email this Story


AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (AP) - Steve Mariucci broke his silence.


Since being fired by the Detroit Lions in November, Mariucci has shunned interview requests through agent Gary O'Hagan and his best friend, Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo. Mariucci also asked a Pistons spokesman to keep reporters away when the Spartans played at The Palace earlier this season.

But a four-word response Sunday night during halftime of the Los Angeles Lakers-Detroit Pistons game confirmed what many have concluded about his plans.

When an Associated Press reporter asked Mariucci if he planned to take time off from coaching, he replied: "A long time off."

O'Hagan declined to comment twice earlier this month when asked about his client's future. Mariucci has two more years remaining on the $25 million contract he signed with the Lions in 2003.

Mariucci was 15-28 in two-plus seasons in Detroit after being fired in San Francisco with a 60-43 record in six seasons.

The Lions hired Rod Marinelli on Jan. 19 after a two-week search. They were one of 10 teams to make a coaching change this offseason, including the Oakland Raiders, who still have an opening.

Earlier Sunday, the Lions hired Donnie Henderson as defensive coordinator.

Henderson comes to the Lions after two seasons in the same role with the New York Jets. Former St. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz is reportedly a candidate to come to Detroit as offensive coordinator.

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If they pick up martz, this team could really turn around in the next couple years...those are 2 good coordinators

I agree 100% ! Martz would have Harrington getting rid of the Ball Quicker...like Warner and Bulger...he's got the Recievers !

Now he'll need a Scatback to take any other Pressure off...this would be a Great Pick up for the Millen ....

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They have a pretty good young rb in kevin jones who could succeed in a high powered offense that Martz brings. Plus, the quick short passes will help a struggling offensive line, until they can shore that up.

These two coordinator moves might be the thing that saves Millen's career as a GM

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Although Rod Marinelli is looking to hire some big names.... this isn't the way to go for him. This contrasts the "style" of football he was SO adamant about in his press conference.

He kept repeating his football philosophy was geared towards an emphasis on the offensive and defensive lines. He was going to build his program from the inside and out... and that this was a long-term plan.

Then he goes out and hires (especially Martz) 2 guys who don't emphasize line play.

That's not to say Henderson and Martz aren't good coordinators.... it just doesn't mesh with the HC's philosophy.

Which means one thing to me.... Marinelli isn't hiring "his own guys". He's under pressure by Millen.

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