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Everyone knows why the Skins were one of four teams to close

practice recently. The HBC has some tricks up the sleeve! We may

not see them this week but they are coming. Putting Jaquez and

Lockett in the slot is the best place for them, kinda like Az Hakim

used to be for the Rams. Let the safties or linebackers get tired

of chasing our shorties all over the field. Sounds darn good to me!!! What does everyone think?? Of course we will need good protection to do this.

THIS IS MY FIRST POST. Give me some love.

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You don't submit news when you post SC. You simply post a reply or enter a new thread here on the main board. You submitted this via news which has to be approved so that's why it didn't appear immediately. Then you figured it out and posted this thread. You're now a member of the community my friend. Welcome :).

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