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london underground


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Visited london yesterday first time for 5 yrs used the underground could'nt believe how bad it was compared to d.c. metro.

For example: different heights between platform and train,no disabled facilities,

cold , drafty, old trains,broken down escalators.:doh: :doh: :doh:

Have any of you visited london if so what are your thoughts

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That cause BTW is a hundred years older...Please there no comparison to DC metro..The London Underground is far more expansive than the DC Metro could ever be...yes its older, has different hieghts, but that no big deal...I rode the newer trains they have now too which are quite nice


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Yeah, I feel the same way when I'm on the NYC subway. It's all about the age.

Incidentally, when I'm on the metro in Los Angeles or BART in San Francisco, I feel right at home, since these subway systems were modeled after the DC Metro, as were many others around the globe. :cool:

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