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personalized redskins licence plate


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In the Area you are in, you're going to have to be VERY Creative...I took 10 Choices to the NC DMV...and got my Third Choice ! Not bad......REDSKNZ and REDSKNZ1 for the Whiff's car..... :laugh:

Think outside the Box....

I hope you get what you're hoping for......

try VASKINS.......or VIRSKIN


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Living in CT, I don't have to worry about to many fans already having the vanity plate I would want...

Nonetheless...I'm still screwed. I tried to get the personalized plates several years back and they shot down every variation I came up with. The CT DMV (or maybe better put, the schmuck who I dealt with) considers anything related to Redskins to be "offensive"...they wouldn't even let me do the "SKNZ" varaition - figured it might be some skinhead symbol ....

Maybe I should try again....

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