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When Will The HOGS Get the Credit They Are Due?


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The HOGS, namely Bostic, Grimm and Jacoby, appeared in 4 Super Bowls with 3 different QB's and 3 different RB's. Yet, none of them are in the HOF and, as a group they are rarely mentioned as the greatest offensive line to ever play the game. They merely took an unknown rookie running back and made him the single game rushing leader in SB history. They dominated the Miami Dolphins in SB XVII. Buried Denver and Miami by putting up huge offensive numbers. I don't understand how they all are not first ballot HOFer's. There are no SB rings in Washington if it wasn't for these 3.

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I believe they all deserve to be in the HOF, but I do believe that in due time atleast Russ Grimm will represent the HOGs in the HOF.

That's just sad. The Hogs have got to be one of, if not THE, greatest O-line EVER. How do we not already have them in the Hall? Fans from other teams who know football that I talk to still speak reverently about the Hogs. This just lends further creedence to the conspiracy theorists out there...

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