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Memory Lane - Anyone remember when George Allen tried to sign Andre the Giant?

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Anyone remember when George Allen tried to sign Andre the Giant to a Redskins contract? :laugh: I wonder why teams don't try to sign some 7' tall basketball player, just to try to block field goals and extra points?


André the Giant

André René Roussimoff

Ring name(s) André Roussimoff

Butcher Roussimoff

Monster Roussimoff

Monster Eiffel Tower

Jean Ferré

Géant Ferré

André the Giant

Giant Machine

Height 7 ft 4 in (240cm)

Weight 380 lb - to 540 lb (245 kg)

Born May 19, 1946

Molien, Seine-et-Marne

Died January 27, 1993 - Paris

Trained by Frank Valois

Édouard Carpentier

Debut 1964

Retired 1992

André the Giant (May 19, 1946 – January 27, 1993) was a professional wrestler and actor, born André René Roussimoff in Molien, France. His great size was a result of acromegaly, or excessive growth hormone, and led to him being dubbed "The Eighth Wonder of the World."


Born to French parents of Bulgarian and Polish descent in a small farm near Ussy-sur-Marne, he left home in his adolescence to become a pro wrestler. He was billed at a height of 7'4" (2.24m) and sometimes 7'5" (2.26m) with a weight which ranged from 380 to 525 pounds. His correct height is contested but the last time he was legitimately measured at the age of 24, he was 6 feet and 9 3/4 inches tall (2.08m) 1.

The great exaggeration of his height probably comes from the fact that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the tallest athlete in the world at the time at 7 feet and 2 inches (2.19m) and promoters wanted to bill Roussimoff as the biggest athlete in the world. Nevertheless, the sight of him alone was enough to draw huge crowds in a day when there were only a handful of people over 6'6" (1.98m). After touring the world with different promotions for many years (mostly in Montreal for Édouard Carpentier), he was signed by the World Wide Wrestling Federation (which would later change its name to the World Wrestling Federation in 1979, and is now known as World Wrestling Entertainment).

On March 26, 1973, Roussimoff made his WWF debut, defeating Buddy Wolfe in New York's Madison Square Garden. He also dabbled in acting during 1976 and 1977, playing a Sasquatch (aka "Bigfoot") on the television series The Six Million Dollar Man. By the time WWF chairman Vincent K. McMahon began to expand his promotion to the national level in the early 1980s, Roussimoff wrestled exclusively for the WWF.

Roussimoff was a very imposing figure – it is said that he never tested the full extent of his true strength because he was afraid of the damage it might cause. Some of Roussimoff's opponents were legitimately afraid to get in the ring with him for fear of getting accidentally injured, but those who got to know him soon learned that his personality was perhaps one of the gentlest in the world. It is also said that Roussimoff could drink an entire case of beer and not feel so much as a buzz.

He was offered a professional American football contract with the Washington Redskins after a tryout in 1974 and seriously considered it before turning it down, reasoning that he could make far more money wrestling (which was probably true, especially at that time).

The rest of the article is in the above link.

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Anyone remember when George Allen tried to sign Andre the Giant to a Redskins contract? :laugh: I wonder why teams don't try to sign some 7' tall basketball player....

As I recall, GA only went after Andre the Giant after Wilt Chamberlin (who had recently retired from basketball) turned him down....

George was one of a kind!!!



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Well I'm sure when our old resident geezers check in tomorrow -- more specifically, Bulldog and Spanishomelette -- they will remember that far back. Although Bulldog has been having lapses lately, because of advancing senility. :laugh:

I remember also. .............and I REFUSE to be an old resident geezer. ;)

But because the condition he had that made him so big was very painful, wasn't that also part of the reason he turned it down? A few minutes in a ring a couple of times a week was not as physical as football and the pain he might have to endure? For some reason, I think I remember something like that.



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Did other teams make some sort of stink about it at the time? Can you imagine the uproar if Dan Snyder started sniffing around the WWF (WWE?) looking for a fieldgoal blocker?

Kane, The Giant, Undertaker... Yeah we'd block some kicks, but I'd put then on the d-line all game long, pfft they think we tip balls now..

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I never knew that about him, but that is amazing .... could you imagine the itimidation he might put on the field just seeing a guy like that with pads on ... wowzers. Shame he couldn't run very fast ... he would have been a heck of a defensive tackle if he could have ... lol

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I remember this, that was really gonna be an interesting event that almost happened.

On Sunday, Sen. George Allen was here where I work at CNN, after his segment I went and shook his hand. He noticed my skins hat, he said, "what is that an old, but new skins hat." It was a spear hat. "Yes, sir, Your Father's team."

But, I know that Allen only coach with the modern helmet and 71 with the R helmet. But I wanted to say something about his dad.

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