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Why Jason Campbell should start....


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I'd rather have a QB that can throw the ball 60 + yards down field to Santana Moss (not saying Jason Campbell CANT do that) but mobility should not be the only thing you look at. Hes a Quarterback not a running back.

When I say mobile I dont mean him (JC) running for a 20 yard gain I mean he can avoid pressure and give the WRs more time to get open.

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The KID runs a 4.6 40... He is a basketball player in a Redskins Uniform playing QB... He is VERY mobile, he is more or a pocket passer by default because he plays INSIDE of the typical Quarterback mold. However, if the pocket collapses, he can rip those 9 yard gains (by brunell) into 30 yard game changing scampers. He is the type quarterback that could get us in the redzone with his feet from OUR 45 yard line.

Thats the difference...

Gibbs For Life!!!

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I agree with all the start Jason Campbell threads. In fact the defensive co-ordinators for the others teams are hoping for that also. It makes their job easy. Blitz, Blitz, blitz.

And, I'm sure the other players on the team want to go 8-8 or 7-9 next year after getting to the playoffs this year.

Hooray for Campbell. Let's start him right away.

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I just want to see an open competition for the starting job and whoever wins, is the starter. I highly doubt Gibbs would put so much pressure on a second year quarterback especially because of what we did this year. The standards will be much higher. That being said, I expect Brunell to be the starter for next year but Campbell needs to get extended playing time in the preseason and some playing time in the regular season.

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How many 2nd year QBs has Gibbs started?

How many veteran "sytem" QBs has Gibbs won super bowls with?

How mobile was Joe? How mobile was Doug? How mobile was Rypien?

How many NFL snaps does Mark Brunell have? How many NFL snaps does Patrick Ramsey have? How many NFL snaps does Jason Campbell have?

Regardless of what ever any of us "fans" think, Brunell is and will be the starter. His career #s dictate his position on the depth chart. MB has had 2 bad years in the league. 1 in his 1st year here. Are any of us "fans" familiar w/ the 3 year philosphy of player to system development. MBs arm is fine. His ability to read the D is fine. Throwing the ball out of bounds is not a sin. Throwing the ball across the body is. Any of us "fans" that knock MB for not throwing to the right, remember he is a lefty.

If Mbs body is breaking down perhaps the team needs to work on its QB protection in the passing game. It still amazes me that only a few of us "fans" recognize that the injury to Randy Thomas devasted the teams ability to properly run a play action offense. I am also amazed by us "fans" that belive we have all these great recievers getting open all the time. After Moss we have Patten(hurt), Thrash, Jacobs, and Brown. Pattens not even a legit 2 (see New England), Thrash is a 3 on a good day. Jacobs is a typical UF reciever.. doesnt want to get hit or run a tight route. Brown was brought back because of depth issues. Yes Cooley is a legit threat. However its easy to key the H-back on D when the H-back is the only real 2nd pass option. Royal needs to make the catches, not worry about the safety or linebacker underneath.

All of us "fans" should stop bashing a very effective QB that has 2 good years left. That is 2 good years as long he is protected properly and has legit slot and wide out threats.

Next season is year three. All we really need is depth and health at the O-line. Quality 2 at the reciever position, and continued Portis running and great play on D.

Just to let all of the "fans" know, I am a PR fan. I dont think he got a fair shot. I dont think he will get a fair shot here. I hope we keep him. I would like to see him start for the skins. The reality is that neither will probably happen, and that a career 85% effeciency rated QB will. And Campell will continue to learn the system to make a clean transition when the time arrives. Does that sound terrible to all of us "fans".

On the other hand I am a JOE GIBBS LOYALIST AND FAN! And as a true WASHINGTON REDSKIN FAN I will always UNDERSTAND, SUPPORT, and CHEER for Gibbs decisions and personal moves. How many Hall of Fame coaches are currently active in the NFL.

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