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Washingtonpost.com: Sexual Harassment Routine, College Students in Poll Say


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Sexual harassment is common on campus, according to a national online survey by the American Association of University Women released yesterday, with 62 percent of college students saying they had received a comment or gesture they found inappropriate.

Most didn't report incidents to campus employees or other officials.

One student involved with the survey said she sees harassment every day at school, including catcalls and people brushing up against her in hallways. It's a problem everywhere, said another student, Haley Pollack of Indiana University, but especially at college. "Campuses are just highly concentrated with not only hormones but everything else that comes with young adults." She said she was propositioned by a graduate assistant when getting extra help after a math class.

Greta Franklin, 27, of the University of Maryland said her friends haven't been troubled much by harassment. She thinks students are more likely to laugh things off. "I think a lot of people just think, 'What's the big deal?' "


I take issue with this being "a problem". Yes some people go too far but come on are students on campus really supposed to behave like professionals in the work place? Do people actually WANT this?

Further in the article:

The roughly 2,000 18- to 24-year-old college students who responded to the survey in May were told that sexual harassment was unwanted behavior and could include anything from suggestive glances to spreading sexual rumors and forced contact.

Suggestive glances? :doh:

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There is no money in litigation against college students, so this issue (if there is one) will die quickly.

The lawyers in this country will decide what the social issues should/shouldn't be based on their earnings potential... nothing more.

So I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that corporate sexual harassment will continue to be front and center... and campus harassment will be a non issue.


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Gee, 20,000+ (depending on your school) 18-24 year olds, away from parental supervision for the first time, drunk all the time. This shocks people or even needed to be written down? That definition of sexual harrassment is pretty broad.

Sounds like the authors only experience in college was to get his PhD......... Playa' Hatin' Degree.

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