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Went and saw INXS with the new singer JD Fortune


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The show started right on time, and as promised by INXS, Marty Casey opened it up. I'm guessing that Marty was able to bring his old garage band with him. Big mistake. Their bad, and I mean like really bad. My lady and I were talking with some people who had sat around us, and it seemed everyone was really looking forward to seeing what they had come up with. One of the ladies had gone down and got the CD before the concert started. After Marty was off stage she asked, "Do you think they will take the CD back?"

INXS came out about 30 minutes afterwards. They started off the show with Suicide Blonde, a very popular sond from the 80's. JD made it is own, and I thought did a pretty good job. They then went right in to the new CD. They did a really good job on those couple of songs and went right back to the old stuff. Judging by the crowd, I would guess most of the people there were there to see the old stuff. For the rest of the night song after song they got worse. From JD butchering every song he did from the 80's, to INXS band members missing cues, notes, and just real bad timing all around it was horrid. :doh:

From 1976 when I saw AC DC live at the Cap Center, I have never seen a concert that was worse. One would think since they had already toured Europe that they would have had their act together. There guys should have not only hired JD to be the front man, they should have also hired the TV stage band that was on the show they did on TV.

I rate this concert as the worst one I have ever seen hands down.


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Yeah the original INXS was one of my fav bands back in the day and I just can't get into seeing or listening to a band that reforms with a new lead singer. The only remote exception is Van Halen. This thread reminds me to get my hands on some old INXS stuff again, the old cassettes just aint cutting it anymore...

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I was a big fan of the show when it aired last year. The house band was awesome and the people trying out had talent (and the chicks were not too shabby either :D ). Couple all this with them singing great classic tunes, as well as newer hits, and I really enjoyed it.

Chewie, sorry to hear that the final product wasn't as good as advertised. I am actually surprised because JD seemed very serious all through the audition process. His original song "Pretty Vegas" (I think thats what it was called) was even picked up by the NBC show Vegas.

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