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Doug Williams - Don Cheadle Commercial


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Was just watching espn, and they had a commercial with doug williams pointing at the camera with his superbowl ring on and then don cheadle tried it and said "it isnt the same without the ring"

its great to see doug williams getting some respect, go skins!

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yeah, i paused it, and explained the whole thing to my wife, how he was the only black qb to win a sb, and how they scored 35 in 2nd qtr, yeah...great commercial!!

All of which of course occurred right after:

1) the Redskins played like dog feces for the 1st quarter;

2) Williams had been knocked out of the game on the last offensive series in the 1st quarter with a knee injury (and a non-call on an apparent fumble); and

3) the MNF crew had just put up a note on the screen indicating that no team had ever come back from 10 points down in a Super Bowl.

Talk about doghouse to penthouse! :laugh:

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He deserves a full commercial to himself. They had another one where reporters are talking to Tony Gonzo, and DW comes out of nowhere to give him a nod.

Why wouldn't that be Portis or someone remotely associated with DW? Like Staubach and RW?

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