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They love us at CNNSI


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They predict a 7-9 season and a last place standing on the NFC East.

here it is some of it:

Enemy Lines

An opposing team's scout sizes up the Redskins

" Shane Matthews can throw it downfield better than Danny Wuerffel , but it's obvious that Steve Spurrier wants Wuerffel to play. After Coach Visor had Wuerffel with the first-team offensive line in the second half of the first preseason game, the fix was in.... Stephen Davis will never be a great back because he puts the ball on the ground too much, but he gets an extra yard between the tackles all the time.... I love their tackles, Chris Samuels and Jon Jansen , but their guards and center could kill them. I see strong defensive tackles collapsing their pocket easily.... Rod Gardner needs to be tougher, but a 6'2" receiver who can run, in Spurrier's system? He'll be a big star.... They'll regret signing defensive tackle Daryl Gardener because of his attitude and his bad back.... I don't know how they couldn't find the money to keep Kenard Lang or Marco Coleman , especially when their defense really needs a good end. They can't count on Bruce Smith to be anywhere near an every-down end anymore.... The linebacker group will be great if Jessie Armstead and Jeremiah Trotter stay healthy. Armstead seems as if he's starting to hit the wall.... Safety Sam Shade is better than I thought, aggressive and a good man cover guy. One knock on corner Champ Bailey : You can get him to gamble too much because he's so desperate to make plays."

here's the link:


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