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Saunders and RB situation


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I came across an article from earlier this year that I found very interesting pertaining to the dual RB siuation in KC. I was wondering if Saunders will reduce CPs workload and give Betts more carries next season. Here are a few exceprts the link I included is to a research database and I am not sure if everyone can access it. I tried looking up the article on the post web page but was unsuccessful. Here are a few excerpts.

"In a dual desire to try to keep Holmes, 32, healthy

all season and to take advantage of the talents of

Johnson, their first-round draft pick in 2003, the

Chiefs decided to redistribute the running load.

Holmes still would be the leading man, but Johnson

would have more than a cameo role. The new blueprint

has been successful. With Holmes running 105 times for

413 yards and six touchdowns and Johnson producing 344

yards and four touchdowns on 69 carries, the Chiefs

are 4-2 and rank sixth in the league in rushing...

"If you have two talented players," Saunders says,

"you have to get them on the field and find a way to

utilize their talents"...

"When you focus on the play selection for a game,

you've got to do it with a flow," Saunders says. "It's

like you were an ice skater or a dancer. It's almost

choreographed. Now you put another variable into that

and the picture changes. I've got to imagine the game

with Priest in it, and then I've got to imagine the

game with Larry in it"...

But if working out an effective game plan using two

running backs presents difficulties for an offensive

coordinator, imagine the extra complications it

presents for defensive coordinators, especially if the

two backs have diverse styles. To get ready for both

runners, it reduces the preparation time that could be

devoted to either one. "You don't have a crystal ball

going into the game," Schwartz says, "so you've got to

get ready for both."


Do you see him using Betts in a similar role as LJ was used before Priest went down? Or do you think that LJs skills were just on a much higher level that he needed to be incorporated. I hope that LB gets more carries and we can run with that to keep CP healthy and effective.

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I think that Betts will be more active in the short-passing game, but I think that Johnson was being used because Holmes was 32 and they wanted to keep him halfway healthy. Portis is 24 and he's still in great condition (no major injuries). But I still see Saunders taking advantage of what we have a little more, and Betts is a damn good RB.

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Forget Betts - you might see Priest Holmes sharing the workload. The Chiefs don't want him anymore. If he wants to play another year or two what better place than with Saunders in a Gerald Riggs type role? I have no idea about his status as a FA or the extent of his neck injury but I don't think he's said he's definitely retiring. Just a thought.

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Thats a great idea and all, only one problem though - Betts is NOT equal to Larry Johnson. If his talent was on par with that of LJ's, then we would have never aquired Portis in the 1st place.

He's best suited in his current role, which is too allow Clinton to regain his stanima during long drives.

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Portis is great and Betts is a capable backup spot duty back. However, look for Gibbs to go after a big hammer for short yardage and the fourth quarter. It may be a quasi TE or special teamer, but Gibbs loves to pound the defense. Its also very heartening for the Oline to dish out the punishment. Nothing wrong with the guys there, just a special situation addition.

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I definately see us picking up a RB in the free agency, or I see one of our RB's (NEMO) stepping up in the depth ranks...

Why would we pick up a RB in free agency? We have three under contract which the staff likes, and one more who is a free agent. I just don't see the need. That just doesn't make sense.


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