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PFW Redskin tidbits 1-23-06


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• The Redskins' salary-cap problems won't improve, per se, simply by cutting WLB LaVar Arrington, who appears to have played his final game in Washington. The team still would take a $5 million hit by cutting him, and that would leave it some $15 million over the projected $95 million cap. As for Arrington's future, sources close to the linebacker say he regretted mentioning retirement as a possibility, and he has told friends he feels great and is healthy. There should be strong interest in Arrington's services, should he be cut, but teams will have to be assured that he's healthy and fit and willing to buy into a new system, one front-office person told PFW.

• Redskins RB Clinton Portis reported that he felt great following another heavy workload this season (385 carries, 33 receptions plus his vigorous pass blocking in 18 games, including the postseason) and that he had no major injuries. Still, the Redskins might lessen that load a bit next season.

Clinton Portis

Running Back

Washington Redskins


Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds

352 1516 4.3 11 30 216

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Redskins lock up Saunders, must fine-tune offense


In a mild shocker, head coach Joe Gibbs has relinquished more control of his offense with the hiring of Al Saunders. His work as offensive coordinator in Kansas City clearly attracted the Redskins, who plan on paying him about $2 million annually — more than several NFL head coaches. What’s interesting is that Saunders, as of this writing, had no official title; team sources indicate that he’ll be a significant offensive assistant, ostensibly the coordinator, though the Redskins have an unusual coaching structure. The team now has four former NFL head coaches — Gibbs, Saunders (who coached the Chargers in the mid-1980s), Joe Bugel and Gregg Williams — in what is now the highest-paid coaching staff in NFL history. Saunders’ work with the offense will include sprucing up the passing game. Expect the team to use more screen passes, something the Chiefs did effectively under Saunders. But more screens only will help if the team can add another receiving threat. Already the scuttlebutt has begun about the Redskins wanting to add Colts free-agent WR Reggie Wayne — a college roommate and close friend of Redskins WR Santana Moss — but the team has some considerable salary-cap hurdles to overcome to make that happen.


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I still hope Lavar is a Redskin next year but can someone explain to me why we would cut him opposed to trade him. Obviously he is well known throughout the league and would garner a 2nd round pick at minimum (I assume). Every article like this says we'll cut him and I don't get it.

Oh and according to Riggins Lavar is willing to do almost anything to stay a Redskin

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Hmm...Well is Arrington really going to leave? I don't think any team will take a trade for'em with his cap (Unless he re-negotiates, which I hope he dose.) One thing Greg likes to do, he likes to keep his positions even on the salary. Fred wanted to get paid more then Shawn, and greg would hear any of it...So bam, his in Soita and sucks nuts. So I think Arrington is either going to be traded to a ****ty team, like N.O. for a few picks, or he gets paid what Washington gets paid (Washington has been more productive, anyways...So he should get paid with what he brings to the table) And I think the FA market and the Draft have decent prospects for the Weak side, hell if Clemons gets some weight and some muscle on him, he’ll be a great fit, he was great speed….and his smart, dose what his told and doesn’t free-lance. Not that Arrington dose, he is just so damn costly.

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