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Good thing Joe Gibbs is Coach


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no way Arizona gives us Boldin for Ramsey. That would be crazy. Many people are skeptical on the value of Ramsey and he may only be worth a 3rd or 4th round pick. Boldin is highly productive and worthy of a #1 pick at this point. I also don't see them trading for a QB like Ramsey when they will probably be going after Daunte or another younger but proven vet QB.

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In the future you should consider responding to existing threads instead of starting your own.

For example, your comments about a possible acquisition of wayne could go in any number of threads started to talk all about him.

So too with comments on arrington, TO, and ramsey.

If the threads exist you really shouldn't be starting new ones.

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You're right, but wouldn' he look nice lining up opposite S Moss.

Sure, but that's why we own Madden 06.

as long as we are dreaming, wouldn't a mute T.O and a charitable Reggie wayne as the 2nd and 3rd receivers be nicer?

Don't they have a surgury that does that? Have a roster bonus tied to him having that done.

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