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Ray Lewis a Cowboy??


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Ray lewis is rumored to be out in baltimore mostly because of his salary. Baltimore is going to try to trade him. Ray lewis himself said it would be an honor to play for coach parcells and listed dallas as the top team he wanted to go to and jaxonville 2nd.

Ew...that would suck. :dallasuck

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well thats where they say they are sending out feelers for him........

i have no link to where lewis said that but thruw several people ive heard that he said he wants to be in dallas and would love to play for coach parcells...

id imagine there will be something on that in a few days

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I will hope and pray every day that Jones and Parcells are stupid enough to offer up their cap space to an over the hill LB. oh please oh please oh please oh please....


The base salaries alone arent that bad.

If the swap were for Ellis, it would be close to a wash over the life of eachother's contract.

Its a moot point though since it aint happening.

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He Hate Me, I'd like your input on this.

It seems that over the last couple of years that Baltimore has gone from Ray Lewis' team to Ed Reed's team. If Ray was to go to Dallas wouldn't that kinda be the same thing he had in Baltimore since Roy Williams is the face of the Dallas defense?

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