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Personal Threats -- Don't make them


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This is serious......there are alot of dangerous people out there and who knows if a few post here. I know a few of you and almost everybody I've met here are pretty cool people that share similar likes (ie Football and the Redskins) with me.

However, does anybody on this site knows all 40,000+ posters on this site?

Nope.....I can give that answer knowing that noone has met everybody here.

There are some people that are just psychos or have mental issues and may threaten you with bodily harm if addressed. Not saying that there are any here, but nobody really knows for sure.

Don't take any threat of violence (except for the joking in earlier posts on this thread ;) ) here by ANY poster as a joke or blow it off.......You probably don't know who you're chatting with. Please let the Mods know.

And for those with hot tempers, please don't write something you'll regret in the future.....walk away if you have to but don't do something that can get you not only banned from this site but potentially in trouble with the law.

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Hopefully the point's been made.

Please just remember that this one is no joke. If we find out someone's using our site to threaten others, whether it's empty rhetoric or not, they're going to be gone quickly and permanently.

Thanks for not putting that to the test ...

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