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Al Saunders/Gibbs Press Conference


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Al Saunders is talking right now, but I wanted to point out something interesting that he said that could be a point of controversy in the next few years. He said to his wife, "This is our last move. We aren't going anywhere after here." Wow! I know this...he would like to be a head coach again. I also know that Gregg Williams gets a million bucks if HE's not named head coach when Coach Gibbs leaves. Where does that leave Saunders? How does a comment like that make Williams feel? Before Al Saunders came on board it was obvious that Williams is the prince waiting to be king. But now I don't know. Either of them would make a good head coach.

In my opinion, I don't see Saunders and Williams coaching together for too long if one of them is head. There will be too much of a draw from other teams needing head coaches for that to happen. Any thoughts?

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Williams becomes the Head Coach and Saunders stays as the offensive coordinator..is that to hard to grasp?

In a perfect world, no, it's not hard to grasp. But everyone knows that Saunders is head coach material. I'm not willing to believe at this point that his comments to his wife are his way of accepting assistant coachingdom for the remainder of his career. Do you think otherwise?

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