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My "Interview" with Mark Eckel

Bostic Hog

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I had the opportunity a few nights ago to chat with Mark Eckel for about 10 minutes. For those of you who don't know Eckel, he is the Eagles beat writer for the Trenton Times, and is regarded as the number 1 beat guy on the Eagles. I like reading him because he seems to be the most "Real" writer and doesn't kiss the butts of Lurie and Reid. Anyway .. I was working a local college basketball game and Eckel was writing for it. Before the game, I introduced myself as a Skins season ticket holder. We talked EXCLUSIVELY about the Redskins.

I'll briefly state my questions and his response. (He does know the NFL)

Of course, this was NOT an interview, just us chatting. Everything here is paraphrased.

What do you think of the hiring of Saunders? Never was a Snyder hater, since there is no "coaches salary cap", understands why JG and Snyder did this. Thinks it will help the offense BIG TIME.

Will Lavar be here next year? He says he wants to retire a Redskin. Thinks Danny and Lavar will work it out.

Biggest problem with the Redskins this past season? Didn't have a number 2 WR. Need someone to take the pressure off Moss.

If you could do 1 thing to make the Skins better, what would it be? (I asked if Brunell was the problem) Not a big Brunell fan, but thinks he'll be OK. MUST GET #2.

What about Patten? Isn't he a decent #2? NOOOOO, he's "OK" as a #3, but not a #2. SKINS WILL DRAFT THEIR NUMBER 2.

Will TO be a Redskin? Absolutely not, TO will be a Dolphin, bank on it.

Alright, enough of this. Just wanted to share my little chat with Eckel with you guys. Although he is an Eagles beat writer, he loves talking football and is pretty good at keeping it real.


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