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Kubiak to coach the Texans.


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"Texans | Kubiak is their new head coach

Sun, 22 Jan 2006 17:09:13 -0800

The Associated Press reports the Houston Texans have announced Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak will be their new head coach. Texans owner Bob McNair said during a Sunday, Jan. 22, news conference that the hiring won't be completed until later in the week because the Texans could not negotiate a contract with Kubiak until the Broncos were eliminated from the playoffs."


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Great hire in my opinion. They will have a great trio if they grow together. Bush, Carr, and Johnson. If he can peice together a good offensive line over the course of the next few seasons then we could see a thing of beauty develop. Reggie Bush running wild in that zone system that he employs? yikes that can be scary.

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