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Donkeys or Steelers, Panthers or Seachickens?


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I'll take the Steelers over the Donkeys. I'm not sold on Denver and I think Indy was a much better team than the Donkeys. The Steelers handled them fairly easily (the game wouldn't have even been close without the bad interception call against the Steelers). 24-17 Steelers.

The Panthers/Seachickens game isn't so clear cut, though I'm leaning towards the Panthers. If the Panthers were able to score 29 points against the league's best defense, they should be able to score 50 against Seattle's D. On the other hand, if Chicago's offense (one of the worst in the league) was able to put up 21 on the panthers D, then the Seachickens should be able to put up 50 points also. I think Smith for the Panthers will be the difference maker in today's game by coming up with a big game altering play. 37-35 Panthers.

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