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When we will now for sure 2007 is gaurenteed to be a non-cap year?


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Anyone know when we know for sure 2007 is gaurenteed to be a non-cap year?

Right now, it is- if there's no new labor contract agreed to. The deadline for 2006 is before March 1. If no new labor contract is signed, then 2007 is supposed to be a non-cap year. Any cuts in 2006- you can't spread it out over 2 years- you will have to take the whole hit in 2006. All, signing bonus can only be spread out over 4 years- until 2009 for cap purposes.

Why ask? I think we all know what a benefit a non-cap year would be not only to us but to any team. Thing is, if the players and owners agree to a labor deal before March 1, 2007 but after March 1, 2006; does that wipe out the non-cap year for 2007. Last thing a team would need would be to make decisions assuming 2007 is a non-cap year and the find out in 2007- there will be a cap.

Say you sign a player with this type of contract:

2006- mininum salary

2007- 20 million

2008 5 million

Bascially, the player gets his money in the non-cap year. Thing is, if 2007 suddenly becomes a cap year- with a new labor deal- you are screwed.

So, I was wondering when the deadline was for that.

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