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I had a friend over the other day, who like myself, is a huge skins fan. He seemed thoroughly excited at the fact that T.O. made mention of the Redskins, and thinks Dan's wallet might bring him here. Even though there is no way it would happen, because of salary, we don't need to let the mention of this get everyone riled up. He's causing a distraction in some threads already, which should show you all he doesn't belong, and doesn't fit with this team. I like what we have, and I personally think we have a team and staff now that has little need for additional superstars. We have minimum 10 guys that could've and should've been going to the Pro Bowl. T.O., like Deion, doesn't bring enough talent to match the distraction. Mr.Snyder swears he's been a fan since birth, but if that was so, he would've known not to go after Deion. He was talentless, and we payed for it. T.O. is different. He is an amazing talent, but is not worth the hassle. Besides that, 39 Super Bowls have been won without him. He never has been, and never will be a team player. Nobody should give him a contract more than a year long, because he will always want it reworked. Our guys seem to gel incredibly, and I love that. You see the way these guys are together, and you can honestly picture them all hanging out together throught the season and offseason. These players genuinely love playing together, and we need to do whatever it takes not to disrupt that. Say no to T.O., we'll be a better team for it.

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