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Post right here to pledge your allegence to Jason Campbell.

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I'm not pledging my allegiance to anyone :)

What do you mean, it gives us a 'better off' if Campbell starts? He's a rook. Its highly likely he struggle's, at least for a year, maybe two, when he does start. NFL history makes it almost a foregone conclusion.

Brunell got us to our 2nd playoff appearance in 15 years. You can poo-poo that all you want, but its a fact.

We don't know yet what we have in Campbell. College success doesn't automatically equate to pro success. Thats also a fact. I hope he's the next big QB. But I'd be a fool to 'expect' it.

I want whoever gives us the best chance to win next year to start. If its Brunell, thats awesome. If Gibbs decides Mark's on a downward decline and its time to give Campbell his shot, thats great. Or if somehow Ramsey is retained and shines, and they go with him, thats great too.

Its a romantic notion to think Campbell's going to be that 'one missing piece' that gets us back to the Super Bowl though. Its highly unlikely he'll match Brunell's performance this year for quite a while.

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