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Superbowl or Bust Myth


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As a die hard skins fan, i knew we all felt mad last weekend when our beloved skins lost to the seagulls. as soon i return to work the following week, alot of so called football fans were telling me that this season was a bust. i kept rebutting against them that this was an improvement from the last season.. i told them to shut it and to a cowboys fan 35-7, 14-13. they kept telling me our season was over and it does not matter if you go to the playoffs if you dont win the superbowl.. these people look at the nfl in the worest possible way. to a cowboys fan, i say what has parcells done in 3 yrs as HC.. Gibbs has his handprints or footprints on this team..

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One step at a time guys.

This season was far from being a bust. A bust season would have been losing Smoot, Pierce, and Coles and going 6-10 again. The Redskins won 10 regular season games and a playoff game.

SB or Bust next season would still be lofty. I feel that making it to the title game would be somewhat satisfying. Winning it would be awesome, winning it all would be a dream come true.

4 SBs with 4 different QBs and 4 different RBs. Keep building on that legacy Coach.

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