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McCants or Lockett to be inactive on game day

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From redskins.com:


The Redskins kept six receivers on their roster. Spurrier said the team likely will keep five receivers active each week, but he has not decided which five will suit up against Arizona. He did say that Rod Gardner and Derrius Thompson are slated to start.

"Thompson has been more productive than any of our other receivers," Spurrier said. "Gardner hasn't had a lot of opportunities--we held him out of a lot of the preseason. But Thompson has made a lot of plays, and he deserves to start."

Given the fact that Doering seems to hold the #3 WR position, and Jacquez Green will be returning punts (see separate post), that leaves McCants and Lockett fighting for the #5 spot.

The loser of that battle will be inactive on game day, at least for the first week. (Though inactive, that player would still be on the roster.)

I'm rooting for McCants in a big way, but I have a sinking feeling Lockett will get the edge, due to his game experience. Maybe Spurrier will surprise me.

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This is going to be a recurring theme if our M.O. continues to be 5 active/1 inactive WR.

Between the two, Lockett is quicker, a better route runner, and better suited for the slot position where he can run underneath crossing routes. McCants is taller, more physical, faster, and better suited to be a deep threat on the outside.

I think Spurrier's choice between the two of them, week-in and week-out, is going to be based on matchups with the defense, unless one of them starts looking like a stud. This week, with no 6' CB's on the Cards roster, and against an anemic overall defense, I think you take your shots downfield and go with McCants. Frankly, I think Spurrier wants to make an impression, so he has some incentive there. We'll see soon enough.

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