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A little Shaun Alexander humor

The Batman

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I was reading SI the other day at the gym and the most recent one they had was the one right before the divisionals last week. They had a guy in there break down all the games and he mentioned a conversation with Alexander after watching him go out for the combine and he asked him something to the effect of Hey Shaun, do you have ANY weaknesses? He supposedly smiled and said, "Kryptonite."

New nickname for Lavar, anyone?;)


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You're reaching. Lavar falls over a guy and knees him in the head and suddenly he's a stud? Too funny.

Wasn't implying that Lavar intentionally tried to hurt him, or even meant to hit him at all, at that, just saying it happened, and it happened to be Lavar with the hard hit, again.

Also, I didn't say he was a stud for it.

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