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Pre-School Test


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I thought it was going left because you couldnt see the door.

My kids school bus (when she did the bus) was always going right facing the street. And the kids got on that way.

The Metro that picks people up on the way to Springfiled in VA is going left as i look across the street and the door is on the other side...

---------H-> = door

<----------- = no door

and don't forget the shiiiiuushhhh sound.

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I contend that it is parked, and not going in either direction. The bus clearly has no headlights or taillights which is a huge safety violation. The school board would never let such a bus drive anywhere, or else they would be sued.

Also, there is no stop sign on the side facing us, meaning it has to be the door-side. If it is indeed the door-side, then there is no door. Thus, it IS a general Lee type school bus, and the children must crawl in through the windows. Again, the school board would never allow such a bus to operate.

This picture is of this bus in the junkyard, waiting to be stripped for parts. :D

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