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salary cap perception on DallasZone


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"Skins is over sal cap. Will have to rid theyself of most players. They aint gots enough money to pay Portis, brunell, Marcus Washington, Samuels and the rest of their overated team.

So half of em will be hittibg the bricks along with Arrington and others.

So who they have as cordinatetors don't really mean nothing.

Saunders will be a big money take it and run flop just like Spurer was.

To hell with the Deadskin and their money grub of an owner."

This was an actual post from that site and it seemed to sum up the sentiment and the level of intelligence over there (lovely grammar), especially on the salary cap issue. Is it just in Cowgirl land that they think the sky is falling over here regarding the cap or is this widespread everywhere still? This kind of talk has been going on since 2000 and we seem to be doing just fine.

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Hey deadskins fans--From a Boys fan who lives in DC:

The Boy Blunder is more than welcome to open his pocketbook as wide as he wants. He knows you suckers will pay to watch practices & all the other bulls*** he's foisted on you fools all these years, so he's throwing you a bone by hiring "name" coaches (as opposed to the geriatric "name" FAs who are still sucking up your cap space). That's capitalism at its finest. I hope he pays the next assistant $4 million & keeps ratcheting it up--& that all of the current ACs start demanding more. My version is that Snyder has to pay that kind of money, because otherwise no self-respecting AC would come to work for him & Gibbs (other than the retired dinosaurs Gibbs wheelchaired in last year). Jerruh is perfectly capable of opening his pocketbook if he so desires. The smaller teams cannot. I'll point out that it was the pocketbook race between Jerruh & the 49ers a few years ago that brought on the player cap (I just took a jerruh and backed up my toilet)t te first place. If Little Danny wants to start another pocketbook war, this time for assistants, let him knock himself out. Either other teams will start forking it out, or more likely, the owners will eventually put a cap in place for coaching salaries. Ultimately, you skins fans are the ones who have to pay those salaries--& as long as you're happy paying the prices charged, the sky's the limit.

Meanwhile, I, as someone who despises Snyder & the skins, will not put one single solitary cent into his pockets in any way, shape, or form. I refuse to attend any games, buy any merchandise, patronize any sponsors, or go to Six Flags (or any of his other properties). Again, that's capitalism at its finest.

Note to Cowboys fans: Little Napoleon now owns Six Flags. You might want to stay away; otherwise you're ultimately funding him. Another brilliant observation from a Cowgirls fan!

These may well be the worlds dumbest fans. Oh yea and biggest bandwagoners. You never hear a word out of their mouths when they suck.

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